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We will cooperate closely with your team to develop your entire business plan. Whether it’ll be an “investment fund pitch” or an “exit strategy.” We never use a “template” business plan format. Any business plan we’ve developed was individually crafted to meet each specific situation or niche. Unlike many of our competitors, we will gladly go through multiple iterations for developing your business plan. We understand that the first draft is rarely perfect. A good business plan must always incorporate such a stage as an independent research on the market and the competition. We usually compile a detailed list of multiple options for your choice. We are business plan advisors, not just business plan “ghost writers”. If your business plan is to get an investment, we’ll evaluate it from the standpoint of a prospective investor. Our experience allows us to quickly detect weak points and fix them long before you meet with your first investor. The consultants we provide become a part of your own team for awhile. All while being just as dedicated to your success. Be sure that no matter how straightforward or multi-layered your business model is, we will figure it out.